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I’m in one of my ‘ambivalent’ phases at the moment.

I’m waiting for one thing or another. I’m trying to keep myself busy with the kids and reading and research and a bit of writing but it’s not ever a permanent fix to the waiting. Yesterday I met up with friends, had a glass of wine and almost signed the kids up for horse riding lessons. (almost, because I’m not sure of my level of commitment to this one.) I came back full up with Vitamin D and the merriment that only the right amount of rose can gan give you and I felt good. 

After, we watched a movie and we went to bed. That’s when the loneliness set in; when the kids are asleep and I’m alone. I read my book.

The fact that my husband is away and back in the UK for some time, is why I’m lonely. With internet connections that are unreliable and his meetings that are scheduled at my personal inconvenience (Indian waking hours) we are not able to keep in touch as much as I would like.

It was a very pleasant surprise, therefore, when he managed to Skype us from the train. Travelling first class on Virgin Trains has its advantages, it would seem. But I miss him. 

I’m just looking forward for the waiting to end. :/