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About Devjani Bodepudi


My Story

Devjani Bodepudi was born into Bengali home in the mountains of North East India. She came to England when she was just a year old because this was where her mother called home. She grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories and watching Indian movies of a bygone age.

She wrote her first book at the age of ten about a flying horse called Sir Trot-A-Lot. He was a noble and brave hero.

Growing up, Devjani read to escape a childhood where she never quite fitted in. At university she studied English Literature and Philosophy, not sure where it would lead her but knowing that this was something she loved.

After University, Devjani trained to be a Primary school teacher where she hoped to nurture her love of reading in those she taught.

After getting married and having two children, Devjani and her family decided to try a new life in Kolkata. It was in Kolkata where she finally started a blog and writing again. This led her working as an Editor for Kindle Mag, a well-respected monthly socio-political magazine, where she published several short stories, poems, articles and interviews. Two of her poems have appeared in Gossamer, a poetry anthology including the works of Gulzar, Tishani Doshi and Robert Okaji, published by Ink Publications.

It was Kolkata which inspired her to write her first novella Mirrors which is being published by Holland House Books.

She is now back in the UK, writing and teaching, in that order.

Devjani is currently working on her second book set in India about magic and myth and the importance of believing.