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I’m blogging, today, more for the sake of blogging, than to write anything useful or inspirational or even insightful. It’s been an unsatisfactory kind of day. I don’t seem to have achieved much, the furniture I was waiting for has not been delivered and I have a headache that I cannot shake.

Although the last few days have been extremely positive, today I feel lost. It’s like I’m treading water.

In my quest to be (a)useful and (b)a writer the Universe has somehow seen fit to throw lots of opportunities in my direction, but because it’s early days, and I’m so confused as to which direction I need to focus on, (I’ve sort of narrowed it down to two directions, maybe three) I’m floundering. Well,  today at least, I’m going in no direction whatsoever and I’m tired and grumpy and I just want to watch TV with the programmes that make me smile, which usually consist of American teenagers belting out show tunes with the aid of jazz hands or some gritty, sexy hospital drama with good looking doctors or some old fashioned Australian soap about the trials and tribulations of suburbia.

But, alas, I’m in Calcutta and I’m being positive and a little spiritual and I really don’t have time or space to watch anything that I want to.

So, just so I feel like I’ve achieved something, I’m publishing a post…I’m moaning but actually, I think I need to, just because I’m human and today, I’m tired.