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Scrolling through my “reader” because I cannot sleep, I notice a lot on spirituality and faith and prayer.

I’m not an atheist, I don’t believe in any organised religion, as such but I do believe in the power of prayer and a being greater than ourselves, with whom, we could communicate with, if we so choose.

Here is my prayer, because I feel the need for it:

Dear God,

Grant me the patience to see things through, to wait it out, to count to ten.

Grant me the courage to say no, to say yes and follow through ’til the end.

Grant me love so that I may care and so that I may see and that I may do.

Grant me sleep, deep and joyful, and honest, with dreams that may come true.

Gosh, that was a little corny! Especially, the way it almost rhymed. But rhyming is good for the soul too, I think…it is like a child’s prayer, and deep down, inside, I feel like a child. I do tonight, at any rate.



I wonder if my brother will know why I picked this particular image…