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In my mind, I have come to understand

A path must only be pursued if one is travelling forward or backward.

But I find myself floating above.

I’ve bought balloons and weights and tied myself up in knots.

My feet are tethered to the weights, of course and a string around by shoulders reach up to the sky, tied to the balloons.

Brightly coloured balloons which shine and glint and squeak and nod,

Give me a fairly good view of what is below.

Weights which pull and drag, 

Keep me 

Floating away too far.
Because that would be bad.

I am stretched, like Mrs Twit.


I go neither up nor down,

Travel not this way nor that.

The birds pop by and rest on my head and twitter about a better place, a greener patch.

And I bob and my skirts billow

And that voice, once so loud and so sure,

Cracks in uncertainty, not sure of what to reply.

What is there to say?

Thank you for letting me know but I’m a bit tied up at present,

Going nowhere.