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“The sea is two faced,” he said, fastening the orange life jacket to his chest. 

“Hunger is eating our stomachs,” she said, wrapping her phone in plastic. 

“They call it the Aleppo sling in the market where we sit illegally,” she boasted,
“They use it for crossings such as these.”

Old faces with joyless eyes,

Young children with old faces,

Faces like my daughter’s face, only 


“Let us die so we can rest,” the old woman sighed.

“At least we will lie in our graves.”

“We started together, we will finish together,” he told them.

“We live together we die together,” he sobbed as he held them.

All the words are actual words spoken by refugees as they documented their migration and escape from Syria. One particular little girl, my daughter’s age, made something catch in my throat. Wise beyond her years because a world made by adults broke her world. 

Many thanks to the BBC documentary, Exodus. Available to watch online. Many thanks to the individuals who risked their  lives for unwittingly lending me their words. Daily, I pray for you.